5 Reasons You Can't Gain Weight

Apetamin? No! Carbs? No! McDonald’s? Absolutely not! You wonder why you are struggling to gain weight and struggling to keep any weight gained on? Sometimes things we cannot control can hinder our goals–but those things shouldn’t stop us. We have listed five reasons why you aren’t gaining weight and getting curves. 


Being tall is a great thing for being thin and staying thin. It is, in fact, easier to keep weight off when you are tall, BUT the con is when trying to gain weight you may find it a bit harder to do so. Being tall and having curves aren’t as common as being thin and tall. This is not impossible but just requires more work. You can push harder on your goals to make this possible by consuming more calories.


Cardio is a great thing–believe us, but too much of it, while trying to gain weight and build muscle, may make this harder. When you do cardio try HIT workouts that incorporate using bodyweight to burn fat at the same time. Also, try not to do it every day. If you workout 5 days a week–light cardio every other day is fine. But of course if you can’t help yourself you need to consume more calories to make up for calories lost from your workouts.  Aim for 15 -20 minutes of INTENSE cardio instead.


Most people are unaware they have a thyroid–which is why it may be best to go to the doctor and find out. But once you do find out you can help treat it by consuming prescribed medication by your doctor or treating it naturally with foods and supplements.


Learn to relax more–stress is dangerous and can kill you! Not to mention, stress can cause you to gain weight when you are trying to lose or even make you lose weight when you are trying to gain–depending on your stress habits and body type. Try to not put too much press on yourself all the time. It is ok to take a “ME” day every now and then, sit in bed with a cozy blanket and binge watch a good show. Life isn’t always about work and it shouldn’t be. Make sure you live life!


You cannot expect to see any goals reached if you are not consistent. If you don’t eat the right things along with eating them consistently–YOU WILL NOT SEE RESULTS. If you don’t work out it doesn’t make a difference! Being lazy doesn’t get you results. So do yourself a favor and track your progress in a journal, whether it is for your daily food consumption or daily exercises. Regardless of the steps that need to be done—DO THEM!

Do you know about any other reason you might be struggling to gain weight? let us know in the comment section and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe.



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